The Capitol

On Friday, my friends and I took a trip to my favorite
part of Sacramento- Downtown/ Midtown.

Our favorite restaurant down there is Crepeville (as discussed before
on the blog) and we just love walking around admiring the houses,
the architecture, and of course, the Capitol. 

I made us all look around the Capitol grounds for the rose
gardens I had seen the day before while we were driving
back from feeding the homeless at Loaves and Fishes and
once we found the rose garden, I decided the scrambling to find it
was well worth it. 
(World's longest run on sentence.)

Here are some shots from that day:

 Having a conversation with Fr. Junipero Serra.

Stunning right?

And I felt this was appropriate for Memorial Day. Thank you to all the
men and women who fought for our freedom and continue to fight today. 

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kat said...

Lovely photos! And your skirt is fantastic!!