Letting Go

This life is so unexpected. Every time I feel I have a grasp I am quickly
reminded of how little control I have. I may not get the job I'm vying for, 
but there is another on the horizon. I may not have my grandma anymore, 
but her love always surrounds us. I may not have my scholarship next 
semester because I'm studying abroad; studying abroad anyways. 

I feel that I am always reminding myself to pray and let God take the reins but 
then little bumps in the road occur and I realize that's not
what I was doing at all. I need to be more aware and conscious of praying. 

Let go and let God.


Also, side note: My mom, dad, and I may be going to Yosemite this
Memorial Day Weekend like we used to do every year with my
grandma when her health was better. Just being in Yosemite
with all that natural beauty around will be a wonderful time to heal
from her loss and cherish all the beautiful memories that took place there. 


Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

What a lovely post! How exciting to be studying abroad!!!

Anna @ IHOD said...

Well said Allie.
Its so hard to remember that ultimately we aren't in control (although I try hard to control)! Thank goodness we have a master planner to rely on.
:) Anna

laurenjeanallece said...


Where are you studying abroad?

Allie said...

I'm going to be studying abroad in Orvieto, Italy next spring! :)

April said...

Sometimes I say it a little tongue in cheek, because I don't consider myself to be very religious, but "let Jesus take the wheel" has become one of my go to get-thru-the-day mottos.

His Little Lady said...

this is such a beautiful post! it's true that we may not have control over the things that happen to us, but we have the control to decide how we react! always think positively ;)
xo TJ