Packing Up

Lately, life has been unpredictable. One moment
I am on a high and the next I'm feeling low. One stress
gets taken care of and then another rolls into my life.
Constant cycle.

Packing up my life in this town is a lot harder than I thought
it would be. Finding a place for everything to go, what can I fit into my 
two suitcases, and when can I have my moms pancakes again?
Finals seem to be falling into the background with all these 
other concerns coming about and that is not good.

So for the next few days I am going to be enjoying my last
few days with my friends here, packing up my life, and studying, studying

Have a lovely weekend! 

Photo: here

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Polly Bland said...

i love that photo of the suitcases. beautiful!

love, polly :D