Best of the MET

The other evening instead of studying for finals I decided
to watch the live feed of the MET gala as the stars
were arriving. 

Best decision I ever made.

Here are most of my favorite gowns from the evening:
 She looked like a goddess.

 Carey is adorable. (First name basis obviously)

 This color! 

 I want to wear this pronto to the next black tie affair
I have to attend... never.

 She was rocking the dress and the newly engaged smile. 

 So fun. 

 The cape makes this outfit. Let's be real, a cape makes every

 The dress is stunning but required a man following her around
picking up her train every time she moved. 

Flawless and fun. 

I was gawking at all the gowns and watching meticulously while each 
person arrived. There was a lot of judging going on because all of these
stars should know that my professional opinion matters most. 

Did you watch? What did you think of the gowns?


katrina leigh said...

Loved Emma Roberts and Dianna Agron's dresses. Also Ginnifer Goodwin!!

Kylee Noelle {the blog} said...

wow! all gorgeous! I didn't watch, but now I wish I had!

His Little Lady said...

oh gosh, camilla belle is by far my favorite! she is absolutely stunning!!! and looks like old hollywood royalty!
xo TJ

Aspiring Kennedy said...

carey is the coolest. it's a fact.... also, emma roberts is amazing.

Jane said...

Dianna and Scarlett -- they both took my breath away. Cute blog! Just found you.