Life Recently

1. My welcome home gift. The roses are a bit wilted now so it's time I put some new ones in.
2. Fishtails.
3. Oh yeah, meet Audrey! My new car!!! I'm in love.
4. My first personal mark on Audrey. It's a great reminder.
5. Meeting up with one of my best friends/sisters the day after I came home.

I've been catching up with friends, family and loving every minute of being home. Today I have a job interview (fingers crossed!) and this week my friends and I plan on taking out the boat.

Honestly, there is nothing to complain about. I am completely blessed.

With all this living it sometimes gets hard to be consistent on here and for that I apologize. But the whole point of a blog is to have a life to write about and right now, I'm busy living that life. :)


Maya said...

It's so great getting home from university/college at the end of the year! Good luck with your job interview :)

Eat Live Love said...

Gorgeous flowers! And gorgeous hair!