Back to School:: Let's Study!

Ah, studying. I think everyone has tried to find the magic formula for perfect
studying habits that will guarantee A's and sometimes it feels like you've
found it, and other times it feels like all the methods you've used before are useless now.

While I have yet to find that perfect way to study, I have a few methods that I use
that really help keep me focused and productive!
So here they are::

1. Elbow Room. I am a big fan of spreading all my books and 
notebooks out on a large surface.I like elbow room and not 
feeling claustrophobic from all my books surrounding me. 
I have a desk in my room that I only use for storage because the kitchen table is my
ideal place to go when a large amount of homework or studying needs to be done.

2. Notecards. God's gift to students. There is something about writing down terms
that really makes it stick in my brain. Also there are online notecards that save trees!
This website is my favorite. 
Grab some fun highlighters and  go to town highlighting the terms as well! 
It'll stick in your brain easier!

3. A candle! This little cutie is from Anthropologie and it's small enough to not get 
in the way but also adds a nice relaxing feel to an otherwise stressful environment.
I am also a fan of the fake flickering candles. They set the mood without the 
fire hazard. :)

4. Music. I have several Pandora stations that are just for studying. ((Don't we all?))
My favorites are John Mayer, Bon Iver and the Avett Brothers. You want
something that is soothing and great background music or else it can become

My last words of advice would be to find a space that doesn't have a lot of 
wall art because if you're like me, you'll end up staring at the pretty pictures on the wall
and start daydreaming instead of getting to work. ((But that's not to say the room
should look like a mental instituiton. No thank you!))

School is back in session! Let's make it a successful year!!

{all photos found off Google}


Samantha @ Life is But a Stream of Thoughts said...

Great tips! I'm on the same boat as you, but I don't think I've ever considered using a candle. I do have a Scentsy though, and that's pretty calming and amazing!

Britta Marie said...

i agree with pretty much all of these!! i especially need a large place to spread everything out :) good luck studying!