The Best Coffee Shops in Sacramento

I am a huge coffee drinker. I have been drinking coffee since 7th grade
and see no signs of stopping soon. Because I've been enjoying a good
cup of coffee for a while now, I'm rather picky about where I get my coffee and 
whether or not they put a ridiculous amount of sugar in it. ((no thanks!))

I typically like drip coffee with a bit of cream and sugar or if I'm going
to splurge a little bit, a vanilla latte with only a little bit of vanilla. 
And when I'm not drinking coffee, you can see me with a big glass of
lemonade or an arnold palmer ((aka God's gift for hot days)).

Here are some of my favorite coffee shops around me::

 Any time I'm near downtown Sacramento, I head to BroadAcre. They have a lavender latte
that is legendary! I bought my cousins a hot chocolate from them once and made
sure they put a fancy design and my little cousins were freaking out! It was the best. 
Also their exterior looks like a little cottage. It's adorable. 

Old Soul Co.
 I most recently went to Old Soul and had their lavender lemonade ((SO good)) but their
coffee is also fantastic. They roast their own beans and sell them so you know it's good.
I'm also just in love with their name and the aesthetics of the place are amazing. 
They have 4 locations but visit them here!

Bloom Coffee & Tea
I've been going to Bloom since high school and absolutely adore their vanilla latte ((the only
place I can go and order one and know I'll love it)) but their food is delicious as well.
The people are really nice and they always feature different artwork so the look of
the place is constantly changing. The tea selection is great as well!
Their location is in Roseville so it's a bit closer to me which makes it very convenient.

Ah Crepeville. If I could eat/drink at one place forever, it would be Crepeville. 
I listed them as one of my favorite places not because of the coffee but for the 
tea. You pick out your tea ((my favorite is Apricot)) and they deliver it to you 
in an adorable tea kettle. Oh, and while you're there definitely try a crepe
((obviously)) and their salads. Or their house potatoes. Or their soups.
Or just about anything...

Tomorrow I'm getting personal. :)

*my choices are of my humble opinion and I have not tried every coffee house in 
the Sacramento area*

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