Visiting Folsom Prison- Just like Johnny Cash

Yesterday my friend, Kim, and I decided it was ridiculous that we have a historic
prison in our town and we had yet to even lay eyes on it, so we decided to change that.
 We drove into the grounds and I was taken back by how pretty it really was. ((Though I'm 
sure the inside is not very nice.)) 

To me it looks more like a castle than a prison entrance! ((Just me? Ok cool.)) 
It was interesting to learn about the history behind the prison and that Johnny Cash sang
there not just once but three times. The prison has also been housing inmates for a little
over 130 years!

This ferris wheel, inside the museum, is made with toothpicks that an inmate in the 
1930's, Billy Burke, made. He also made an entire carnival to accompany the 
ferris wheel!! ((He's kind of a big deal.))

Fake cell with a talking fake inmate. That's one way to scare the children. 

And then to add to the idyllic setting of the prison, there was a beautiful buck
eating some grass right across the street from the museum! 

To finish off the day we headed into downtown Sacramento for a refreshing drink::

 We both got the lavender lemonade (amazing!!) and I got a blackberry scone that was
also fantastic! Oh and the name of the place is great as well. 

Overall, it was a lovely day at the prison. ((You don't hear that every day do ya?))

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