Back To School:: What's In My Backpack

To keep the back to school posts going, I thought I'd show you
what's in my backpack!

 First off, here's my backpack! My friend Kylie graciously modeled it for me. 
I think it works with my whole floral obsession. 

And here's what's inside::
 My classes are fairly spread apart this semester so at all times I will most
likely carry 2 notebooks, 1 binder, a textbook or two, my planner,
some notecards, my sunglasses and my regular glasses, my school ID, pens
and pencils plus a highlighter and some lip balm! 
Oh, and that adorable travel sticker kit featured above and below?
It's perfect for placing notes in books or my planner! I'd recommend one! 

And here's a close up! How adorable are those stickies?

What are your necessities for your backpack or what were your necessities?

Have a great Thursday!

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