The Perfect Fall Outfit

As you know by now, I live in Arizona and therefore a sweater and pants is not really
a manageable outfit in the heat but if I could function in a normal
Fall outfit, you can bet I would! This entire outfit is brought to you courtesy of 
J.Crew and the bag is Kate Spade and I'm pretty sure I need those pink pants
in my closet even if it's a silly thing to do. I am a HUGE fan of bright pink
right now. I just bought a pair of high- waisted pink shorts 
so I guess those will have to work instead of the pants...

Oh, and I definitely bought that sweater above... whoops. 

Do you have a favorite Fall outfit you're dreaming about?

Here are the facts:
sweater {J.Crew here} pants {J.Crew here} shoes {here} bag {here}


Jane Harman said...

my mom bought that sweater yesterday and i'm obsessed. i will probably need it too. also, i love the bag! saw it at kate spade and it's so classic and pretty!

Nicole Marie said...

i love the flats!

Sarah Korus said...

Love that Kate Spade purse! Im a sucker for anything with a bow on it :)