Playing Adult

Being an adult is hard work. You have to make not-so-fun decisions and constantly stay on your
toes so as not to miss anything important. I was invited to go to San Diego this upcoming weekend
and while a little getaway to the beach and some time to hang out with my sister sounds 
absolutely amazing, it's completely not the responsible thing to do. I have commitments
all weekend long and I am not in that place in my life where I can just drop everything and 
say "you only live once!" San Diego will come another day but letting people down because
I failed on my duties is not something I can take back. 

So this is my adult lesson of the week. It's not fun but I am going to try and make this weekend
the most exciting it can be, right here where I need to be. :) 

What are some not-so-fun adult decisions you made recently?

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lauren jean allece said...

Girl! I know what you mean... And it only gets harder! Haha. I was actually just talking to a dear friend last night as we both navigate new relationships and all of a sudden he got all fired up and was like, "Are we being TOO mature about all this?!" because we caught ourselves thinking about things in a way that even just a couple of years ago we would have handled SO differently - but in each of our respective situations we knew things had to be dealt with in a more "adult" manner... SO not fun, but it is reassuring to know we might finally be getting the hang of this!

Keep at it, it's not always fun but it's SO worth it!