Weekend Update

This past weekend was jam packed starting on Thursday and ended rather abruptly due to
plane delays on Saturday because my parents came to visit me!!
We ran all around Tucson doing fun activities including a UA basketball game (close call but we
are still number 2!!!), shopping, gem show adventures, visiting an old unfinished mission, 
and lounging around their hotel. 

Here are some picture highlights courtesy of my iphone::

 An intense basketball game that ended with the UA beating Oregon by 2! They don't
call us the Cardiac Cats for nothing!

Admiring pink hour surrounded by the Catalina Mountains.

Visiting an unfinished mission that is significantly older than the state of Arizona. 

 Yesterdays attire as I noticed I subconsciously put three different shades of blue on. 

Yesterday was spent doing a lot of catchup but also included a hike which totally kicked my 
butt. I'm slowly trying to get into better shape! 

Hope you have a wonderful Monday and that your weekend was fantastic!

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Jane Harman said...

where is your purse from? it looks so cute!