My Interests According to Pinterest

Pinterest just released a new feature called "Explore Interests" and I immediately was interested.
They summed me up well, those people of Pinterest. Pink doors, Jackie Kennedy, Typeography,
stripes, inspiration joy quotes, and half painted walls were a few of my interests. 

Looking at all these images really makes me want to get out and take more pictures. 
I'm pretty sure my camera is getting dusty and is just begging me to take it out. Also,
how much does that Jackie O picture just make you want to jump in the ocean??

What are some of your interests?

1 comment:

LaTonya said...

I just checked it out. That's so cool! Some of my interests includes skirts, enchiladas, dresses, cakes, holiday nail art, quotes, more skirts of all kinds, more cheese and Mexican related dishes. I think they really understand me.
I'm just surprised by the old hollywood, Hot Cheetos, and white peach sangria. lol