Indulge a Little Bit

I want to start this off by saying I am not normally someone who indulges in beauty products.
I get most of my cosmetics from Target and am perfectly happy doing so! I will always
be more willing to spend a little extra on clothing than on something for my face, hair, etc.

But for my birthday I got a Lush gift card and, well, it may have changed me. 
I've always been a fan of Lush and the smell of the store as you walk by but because I 
absolutely hate baths, I swore off the store as a bath store and moved on. Once I received
the gift card though I asked if they had any conditioner and they said yes! 
From then on out I was hooked. 

This is the conditioner I bought and I LOVE it!! It's not too pungent and you can just feel
how natural it is compared to store bought conditioners. I completely recommend it!!
 I figured while I was indulging a little bit I might as well get something for my face since it's
been feeling drier than ever this winter. The lady who was instructing me on what to get told me
this was her favorite fresh face mask and I have to agree with her. It looks pretty funky when you 
put it on (as do all face masks) but it smells amazing and afterwards your face smells
pretty darn good as well. 
Here's a little close up.

I am definitely going to be going to Lush more frequently now. I don't know how I
would return to store bought products after using their all natural ones! 

What's your favorite products from Lush? 


Catherine said...

That conditioner is amazing! I'll have to try the face mask sometime!

natalie tamara said...
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Natalie Tamara said...

I love Lush too - American Cream just smells so good too. The butterball bath bomb smells the same and has to be one of my favourites :)