Reminiscing and Well Wishing

There is a melancholy feeling associated with the spring ever since returning from Italy. 
This is my first spring I've encountered since coming home and with every passing sequence of time
I feel more and more distant from the memories, people and experiences I had while abroad.
Everyone that is abroad this spring is now on their way and beginning their journeys and while
I'm more than excited for all of them, I so wish I was them. Naturally. 

I miss Orvieto. I miss that beautiful fairytale of a town and mostly,
I miss how green everything was in the Spring. 
I cherish all of those memories and I hope this new group of students studying abroad
learn to cherish their new experiences and allow themselves to open up to everything
new coming their way. 

In the mean time I guess I'll just have to follow along and reminisce. 

Happy Monday!!

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Nicole Marie said...

i feel the same way. thinking about other people who are moving abroad and how they're feeling the same feelings i felt at the beginnings