Sweater Weather


This sweater is one of my favorite layering pieces. It works during the hot summer and fall but also during the winter. Also, it was hand knitted so it's kind of a big deal ;). Black-on-black is also one of my favorite outfit combinations right now. I like to pretend I'm Audrey Hepburn and prance around in my all black outfit and feel stylish.

Also, this is a PSA for women everywhere: black velvet pants are the most versatile piece of clothing you could ever purchase. Also one of the warmest! These pants were my salvation in Italy during those freezing months and have been by my side ever since. Another thing you should note from this outfit is my very hip shoe choice. Socks + Birks is a total thing right? Let's hope so.

Side note: a really cute elderly couple was parked in their car waiting to pass us as we took these photos. Needless to say, it was awkward. I could just hear them saying, " Kids these days! They love taking pictures of themselves wearing weird outfits!" #truth

Thanks again to Heidi! She's the best!
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