Weekend Links

It's Friday!
I have a decent amount of homework to do for my two lone classes this semester so I'm hoping to be productive this weekend! Oh yeah, and then there's this thing called the superbowl. ;) I think I'm rooting for Seattle though I'm not a huge fan of either team. But Russell Wilson is a pretty neat guy so I'll root for him.

here are some links that I've loved across the internet:

1. This. man's. voice. Seriously I listened to YouTube videos of his music for a long time just mesmerized.

2. They announced the female Ghostbusters cast! I think they nailed it for the most part! I would have liked having Emma Stone cast though. :)

3. Speaking of the Superbowl, I thought this was pretty hilarious, even though I'm not her biggest fan. 

4. Alyson from Sequins and Things more recent post about her move home from Colorado a while back was so honest and beautifully written that if you haven't seen it, you should read it or bookmark it.

5. I made this recipe the other night for my family and we all devoured it. It was almost better heated up the next day too! Also, it was incredibly easy (and I'm serious. I don't really enjoy cooking)

6. I've been really good about not shopping at F21 lately because I'm trying to invest in well-made clothing but every once in a while a dress like THIS pops up and I'm thinking I may need it.

Anything I missed? Have a great weekend!


Allie said...

I am so excited about the female ghostbusters! I think it's going to be so fun!

Allie said...

Me too!! Such great casting choices!