Fall Dress Code

Fall is happening all around me at the moment. From non stop school to the leaves changing their colors, fall is coming soon my friends! The mornings are already crisper and the sweaters and jackets are making there way to the front of my closet. I am giddy for chunky turtlenecks like the one above, cozy plaid half tucked into jeans and I'm especially excited to really have a reason to bust out all of my favorite coats.

I inherited a coat like the one above from my grandma and have yet to get it altered. I think that may be on my list of to-do's during winter break aka the next time I have a moment to do anything other than think about speech and language development/disorders.

There's something about the fall palette that is so inviting. The browns, ambers, maroons, navys and forest greens remind me of cozy evenings and candles burning nearby. How fun would that flower bag be to take to farmers markets on the weekend to get your produce for the week? I'll admit I've totally gotten hooked on walking to my farmers market every week to stock up on veggies.

What kind of clothing are you most excited to bust out soon?

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