Lately I've felt like that person you'll see on the side of the road holding coffee, a large bag, folders, talking on the phone, trying to make it down the sidewalk and you just watch from a little ways back wondering when everything is going to fall.

On Friday I dropped one of the items, probably the first of many, and had to learn how to pick it back up and move on. (after a mini meltdown session with mom of course)

On Saturday my balance was firmly back in place. 

Yesterday, with my balance still firmly in place, I felt the nudge to slow down and reflect. 

A couple people in my cohort recently lost loved ones and it sent them entirely off balance. As it would anyone. So while I was over on one sidewalk teetering on the edge because I may have stumbled a bit, they were on the ground picking up their own pieces. And it really put things into perspective.  

Time is fleeting, as we all know. But I feel like I often forget in the daily grind of life. I get so caught up in my (now endless) to-do list and forget to send up a prayer of thanksgiving. It's when you're friends lose loved ones that make you stop and realize how small your problems are. I don't like discounting other people's problems or even my own most of the time because yes, they seem big in the moment. But that's all they are. Momentary concerns. 

With what is going on in Syria and Europe and at home, with my friends stories, I want to get better about constantly giving thanks and appreciating the small, seemingly mundane things. 

I guess this is all to say how important perspective is. Sometimes I need a reminder of that and maybe you did too?

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