Why Knot: {Link Up}

Happy Friday!

There were several things I felt like sharing from across the web so I decided to post them all on here! I always like finding interesting articles, a fun quiz, or a new and amazing song and what fun is it if you don't share? So here we go:

1. I'm attending a documentary screening tonight for the film The Way We Talk. I'm so excited because I'm currently taking a fluency course and this film is all about how stuttering affects a persons life inside and out. I'm fully prepared to cry my eyes out. HERE'S the film's website if you want to watch the trailer! 

2.  I love me some Johnny Cash and Relevant Magazine just featured an article on all of his more spiritual songs. I fully plan on listening to all of these as I work through my to-do list today! Listen HERE

3. I went to a Hillsboro Hops baseball game with some of my grad school cohort on Wednesday and we had a blast! Have you ever attended a minor league game near you?

4. I loved this post The Everygirl featured on getting out of a rut. I think we can all use some of these methods when we fall into little funks. Read it HERE.

5. Did you know Ann Taylor Loft has horoscopes now?? I'm obsessed with checking mine every day because it's been pretty spot on so far. August's monthly horoscope was freakish. Check them out HERE

Have a great weekend!! 
I think this is the last warmer weekend in Portland (at least I hope so!!) and I can't wait for the colder weather to begin!

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