Flowers & Flowers

 My friend Alicia is starting a blog (City & Simplicity!! Her first post is live!!) and so we went out and snapped some photos for her blog and I, of course, had to take some myself. We picked up these sunflowers at the farmers market on the NW side and they worked perfectly with my flowery dress.

How amazing is this castle-like place? I felt like a modern Cinderella hanging out on the steps. 

There are so many amazing places to take photos in Portland. The Alphabet District (in NW Portland) is absolutely adorable and the definition of #goals. I feel like I yell out "GOALS!" to every single apartment complex or home in the area. That's also my new favorite game. I feel like if I throw out my goals into the universe than they will eventually come true. ;)

I'm starting my third week of grad school today and I finally feeling like I'm falling into a routine. The only issue I've run into so far is how I will incorporate exercise into my Monday-Wednesday routine. Between my commute, classes back-to-back, and endless homework when I get home, there really isn't much time. If anyone has some ideas that don't involve a gym, I would be grateful!!

But for now, have a great Monday! 

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