Monday Madness

I don't know how else to describe today. Between the loss of a dear
tree, gushing over the adorableness of our friends brother,
and a hail/thunder storm, how else would you describe today?
It all started with the tree...
the band tree to be exact.
I have sat under this tree for 3 years and one day it decided
to topple over. Without any warning, the spot
that provided shade and leaves to look at and crunch, was gone.
But wait!
Only 1 hour later, another baby tree was replaced in its spot! Now
while this tree could never replace the old, it shall do for now.
Grow strong new tree!
Then at lunch, Katie noticed our friend Carson's brother
was sitting right by us. (blue sweatshirt) We adore
him and thus we were very excited he was this close to us.
I know, we are creepy.
Then the hail storm appeared. Running into the gym while
it's hailing/raining outside is incredibly difficult yet fun.

And that my friends, is the end of the monday madness.

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