Awkward and Awesome Thursday

1. Somewhat asking a guy to prom (but not really) only to find out your good friend wants to and already asked him also. Hmmm...
2. Sentences that make no sense coming out of my mouth. I just sound stupid 60% of the time.
3. high fives. They are usually awkward coming from me. I'm the person that stares at your elbow to give the perfect high five.

1. No test in Stats today! Love you Graber!
2. Starbucks finally spelling my name right!!!!
3. Cowboy boot weather. Perfection. Look at that sky! It's beautiful!
4. Walking outside for Aerobics today!
5. Basically, most of today was completely awesome. Plus I'm eating at Panera Bread with one of my best friends tonight! Perfect ending to a wonderful day.

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