Hug from a stranger

I didn't literally receive a hug from a stranger today,
but I received something better. On my tip receipt,
a man wrote the message below and it felt like
I was given the warmest embrace I've ever felt.
I literally teared up. I was not expecting that. Sometimes
it's nice to receive reminders like that. Actually, not just
sometimes, all the time it's nice.
Then, Katie and I went to Freshii's (a healthy food
restaurant in our town) and got biodegradable soup containers!
Since they are biodegradable, we decided to see if they would
biodegrade in front of our eyes. Well, it just doesn't happen that fast.
The containers just laid there. It was sad.


Michaela said...

How sweet! What a great reminder (:

Allie said...

Thanks! It was the absolute best!