Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Happy Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

1. The people at Starbucks getting your name wrong even though you go there every day. Alex? Really? It's Allie.
2. When someone in class yawns and instead of it being a normal yawn, they sing a note. It was probably the prettiest yawn I've ever heard.
3. When your dad makes ribs for dinner on the first real night of being a vegetarian.
4. Doing pelvic thrusts in your Aerobics class.

1. Random stranger compliments. :)
2. New country music to listen to in the car!
3. Me being a new vegetarian! :D
4. Getting my Charity Water water bottle in the mail today!
5. Tomorrow's Friday!

I am beginning my journey of becoming a Vegetarian.
I'm going to call this adventure: The 40 Days of Green
We'll see how this works out!

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