Let's Play Pretend!

I'm going to pretend I'm on vacation. Let's say... Paris? Yes, Paris.
Let's begin:

I would swim in the hotel pool in this vintage bathing suit and catch
the eye of a potential suitor. (yes, suitor.)
I would frolick in this 'Orlando Bloom' dress in the park
in front of the Eiffel Tower. (see this description)
After months of toe-curling cold, you said to heck with it and booked an impromptu vacation to PARIS. That's why you're currently sitting in a sunny park amid well-curated flowers, wearing this charming cotton-linen dress. It's so warm, you've chosen to wear espadrille sandals and sunglasses, and have tossed your caramel cardigan off to the side to further drink in the sun and show off this frock's snap-closed, bustier-seamed front, and lace up-bottomed back cutout. Picking a few fragrant blooms that match the periwinkle ones on this darling dress' fully lined, pocketed skirt and self-lined top, you breathe in the posy-laden air and smile.
Pretend I'm Madeline in this beautiful red dress and sing
her theme song loudly to random strangers.
Buy some adorable salt and pepper shakers like this. Or possibly
see them in an adorable street corner cafe.
And walk around with this adorable water bottle in tow.

Then I'd walk along side streets and look for little hidden churches
and cute boutiques. (This is what we did in Paris 3 years ago and we
found the cutest and oldest church.) I'd also admire
cobblestone streets and the aroma of coffee and croissants.
Oh, Paris. This is making me sad. Perhaps
I should check back in with reality.

All photos from Modcloth.com

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