Waiting is not my forte. Surprises aren't either. I am incapable of waiting
for something large to occur. Unfortunately/fortunately, something
large is about to occur. That something large, is college. It is this
weight upon my chest pushing harder and harder until I
finally raise my hand up and say "I've decided!!!" Until then,
this weight remains and the pressure increased day by day.
With the whole world spinning around, I assumed this would be
easier; this waiting. I was wrong. If anything, the world is
spinning faster and I am falling behind trying to catch up.

If only I could rest like my adorable doggy in the picture.
Once I've made my decision, expect lots of enthusiasm!

In other news,
I got free nail polish from TOMS! The color is
One Day Without Blues and I love it! You can
bet your bottom dollar that I immediately applied
the polish to my nails. :) Hello, summery blue nails!
Have a great night!


everyone calls me bon bon said...

Fun nail polish color! Definitely a little touch of spring:-)

P.S. I'm terrible at waiting too...and being patient. My poor poor hubby! xoxo

Allie said...

Thanks! I always do a blue nail polish color for summer so now I'm excited I've found a good color!