Awkward and Awesome Thursday

I am jumping on the bandwagon with these Awkward
and Awesome Thursday posts from The Daybook.
So here it is:
1. Leaving your sweater in your english class hoping freshman won't steal it tomorrow! (Ah!)
2. Not hearing back from 3 colleges yet. It's ok, don't worry. I can wait forever. No big deal.
3. Learning your best friend is a spy. (Haha) ;)
4. Walking awkwardly behind someone on the way to the bathroom that you used to know better but now you don't really talk. She holds the door for you, you both go to the bathroom, then she decides she wants to chat. Really? We were doing so well not chatting! She decides to discuss the lack of toilet covers. Not awkward at all.

1. Hearing we are having my dad's homemade tacos for dinner! Yum!!
2. Hearing Something Blue will be made into a movie if Something Borrowed does well in theaters!
3. The weather today! (See first picture) It is 66 degrees and pure perfection.
4. I get to take my Best Dressed picture tomorrow for the yearbook! (see second picture. Me deciding on dresses.)

That was fun! Maybe I'll do this every other week
or something like that. :)
Happy Thursday! 30 Rock is on tonight! YES!
Enjoy little children with accents.
You're welcome.

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