I know I've said this probably a bajillion times before, but I just adore
anything Disney. I can't even accurately put into words how much I love
everything that has anything to do with Disney or Disneyland. It kind of
feels like the child-like feeling you'd get on Christmas Eve or when you
know something really special is about to happen. (Which, let's be real, I
still get that feeling on Christmas Eve too) Like my heart is so full that
it could just burst. I think it has something to do with the fact that
Disney has always given me hope. And I believe there is nothing as powerful
as hope or love.

Then this show comes along and just steals my heart. It's
everything I've ever wanted in a show. Once Upon a Time
leaves me enchanted each week. And plus, I think Ginnifer Goodwin
and I are meant to be friends because we both adore Disney. I mean,
look at her and Josh Dallas (Prince Charming) on the Dumbo ride
in Disneyland! (Which I totally think they should get together in real life
but who am I to butt in like that? ;) ) I just literally spent 2 hours
looking up spoilers or anything on the show because I'm that obsessed.

Does Disney give you that same feeling? If not, what does?


Natasha said...

Totally agree! Love everything Disney, and I'm so bummed I keep missing this show! Need to set DVR, need to set DVR, need to set DVR....

Melina said...

I was skeptical about this show, but I've heard such good things about it around the internet that now I'm thinking I should check it out!!

And of COURSE I love everything Disney, just makes you feel like a kid again!

xx Melina

the lovebirds said...

cute cute blog! and i love disneyland... I need to take a trip with the hubby there very soon. thanks for the fun (and maybe farfetched) idea. xoxo

Alexa said...

Disney is the best. Such a happy feeling when I'm there. :)