Thanksgiving Crafts!

Just when you thought the Thanksgiving posts were over,
BAM I come back to show you more! ;)

I did some little art projects while I was home for Thanksgiving!
It was so fun to finally try out some of the beautiful things I've
seen on Pinterest. Here are some of my projects:

Candy turkey. Everybody thought he was fake
but I quickly told them that he was completely
edible and quite delicious... so eat up!
I cut the middle out of those adorable mini pumpkins
you see all around during Halloween and we put a votive
candle inside. They were stunning when they were lit. We also
used the pumpkins as place settings for everyone.
I love these hurricane vases we have at home and once I saw
a picture of this popcorn kernel, red beans, and split peas
combination I knew we had to try it! So we went to
Winco and stocked up and wa-la! So Fall-y!
What crafts did you do to prepare for your Thanksgiving feast?


Whitney Cosgrave said...

very cute! looks like fun.

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

i never get tired of everyone's lovely thanksgiving decorations. and i want that edible turkey right now. so delicious!!!
xo TJ