As you may well know, or maybe not, I am on the 7-8 year
journey of becoming a Speech Pathologist. (And that's if everything
goes smoothly!) It can seem daunting because I'm a wee little freshman
and have so much ahead of me, but then I gain some inspiration.
Last year it was because of The King's Speech that I reconfirmed my
need to continue this journey and then today, this re-confirmation
happened again when I watched the Gabby Giffords story on ABC.

If you don't know who Gabby Giffords is, she is the congresswomen
who was shot on January 8th at a Safeway in Tucson. (Yep, right where I
now live.) Since then, she has fought tirelessly to regain strength,
the ability to talk, walk, and breathe on her own. She is a signal
of inspiration for all, especially here in Tucson. It's no surprise to see a
"We Love Gabby" sign up on a random billboard.

After watching her story, and wiping away a few tears,
I was enamored. I was also struck by how brave her husband
(astronaut Mark Kelly) and Gabby were. If you haven't watched
the special, it's online at and I would definitely recommend it.

Because Gabby is an Arizona congresswomen and has lived in Tucson
all her life, the UA is a strong supporter of her and her family.
On December 6th, Mark Kelly is coming to give a talk at the UA
and I got tickets! I am so excited to hear his talk and to gain
even more insight into her wonderful and beautiful story.

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Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

so beautiful! i think that's incredible with what you want to do with your life. and you'll do it someday. adore!
xo TJ