For Your Entertainment

I love finding great voices. Those kind of voices
that make you stop and go,"Wow! God gave them an
amazing gift." I thought I'd share these voices with you.
So sit back, grab something unhealthy, and enjoy!

This here is Hunter Hayes and his voice makes me weak at the knees.
He should make it far. Or else I may throw a fit. :)

Then there's this boy. Ronan Parke.
My Lord this boy has talent coming out of his ears!
With a voice like that... well I don't even know.

What are some voices you're loving lately?


Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

ha, that ronan is going to be the next justin bieber. he even has the hair to go with it. so jealous of these people though, that can just bust out a note. so beautiful. but we all have talents.
p.s. totally busted out the unhealthy foods to watch these!
xo TJ

Allie said...

I know right? I wish I could bust out a note like that! and I'm so glad you busted out the unhealthy foods. Yum!