Reflecting on the week

Thanksgiving to me is the beginning of the Christmas season and makes us all pause and reflect upon what we are thankful for before the business of Christmas comes. (So it kind of annoys me when people say I'm overlooking T-giving by listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies-no, no I'm not overlooking T-giving. Thank you) Being back home with my family was exactly what I needed. And being back at school isn't too bad since I'll be heading home in less than 3 weeks.

The pictures above are the highlights of my week.
1. Sisters in Half Moon Bay with dad's side of the family
2. Twirling in my Thanksgiving dress.
3. Picking up the best friend at her college!
4. Photoshoot with the little sistor next to the gorgeous trees.
5. Me and my new buddy- Mr. Pumpkin Head man. We got along great.

Hope your weekend was joyous and loving!


Megan said...

Cute! What happy photos :)

Whitney Cosgrave said...

so cute! looks like fun!

Nicole Marie said...

i love half moon bay! i want to go there!

Allie said...

Half Moon Bay was stunning that day! The sun was out and the waves were huge!