Home is Where the Heart Is

One thing I miss the most about being home is all the fresh fruit.
My dad always had fresh fruit out on the counter ready for us
to munch on in the mornings. So what did I ask for when he asked what
I wanted for breakfast? Well fruit of course! So he made me a delicious
fruit salad. :)

Being back at home, sitting on my new bed in my new room
(I got moved out of "my room" and put into my sisters old
room) brings back so many wonderful memories. And all this
food in the house and hot cider on my beck and call is too good
to be true. I am one happy girl. Today we are going to Apple Hill
and I'll definitely be taking some pictures. And later in the week
we are going furniture shopping for my new room!!!
I also got a TOMS magazine in the mail! I had never received one before
and loved looking at all the TOMS I wish I could have. :)

Also, my sister is the fairy godmother in my old high school's
production of Cinderella and I get to see her perform tonight!
So giddy!!!

I hope you have a blessed weekend! What plans do you have?


Michaela said...

How great! I love being home, too (: Just 4 more days! Can't wait! Hopefully it'll be warmer there than it is up here.

monster cakes said...

I can't help but swoon over the new houndstooth TOMS. I have the gold herringbone ones and they are a dream!

Funmilayo I. said...

that's cool, I didn't even know they had a TOMS magazine.