Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend was pretty wonderful. So I thought I would
share some tidbits with you. :)

On Friday:
roasted smores for the first time in Arizona.
Plus, it was blustery and cold outside for the first time
this fall!
Drank hot cocoa with a candy cane out of a mug and it
reminded me of home. Oh home, I miss you.
Some more fire pit action. I love how this one looks like
twinkly lights.

On Saturday:
went to the homecoming football game with my roommates.
We lost (surprise, surprise) but it was still a blast. Afterwards,
I went and saw Friends with Benefits with some other friends.

I had two masses to go to, some yoga, and Once Upon a Time
was on. That day was swell as well. :) See what I did there?
I rhymed.

How was your weekend?


Michaela said...

Blustery and cold in AZ?! No! Glad you got to roast some marsh mellows. So fun (: Your friend and you look adorable. Yay for football games!

Allie said...

Yeah we had a wind advisory and everything! It was wonderful. hahaha. Not as bad as Seattle I'm sure. And today it rained!