As Monday Rolls Around

Happy Monday!
I am finally going home on Friday and so
this week I am determined to be happy and uplifting!
I got a lot of homework completed over this long weekend
so it shouldn't be too hard. :)
These next two images have been on my desktop for sometime
and they just make me SO happy.

a) I love Friends. I especially love Joey. So this littlescene capture right here is just perfect. Plus it's adorable
b) Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I love him. I love his acting,his persona, and he seems like he would be pretty nifty in person as well. He just has that cool factor ya know? And then there's this picture... just too good. :)
marry me?

Have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

Ha! I love both of these. Friends is my all time favorite. I think I know... well let's just say I know WAY too many of the lines by heart. AND now I want to watch 500 Days of Summer.

jillian m. said...

Yes! Totally agree on both! Friends was one of those rare shows that actually made me laugh out loud.

And Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Well...he's just damn dreamy.

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

oh joseph gordon-levitt. who doesn't adore him?? especially after 500 days of summer!
xo TJ