Can We Talk About...

How excited I am to study abroad in exactly a year?
It seems to far off but when I think of everything I have to
accomplish before I go, I feel like the time is going to go by
very, very quickly. Orvieto looks like such a quaint town
and I can't wait to become immersed in Italian culture and
the language.

For example, I actually get really excited to go to Italian
every day. This is big. I used to hate going to my language
classes in high school and even last semester.

A little motivation goes a long way.
Here are some photos:

They just got their first snow in 10 years! Crazy!
These pictures are so beautiful with the freshly fallen snow.

Can't. Wait.


Alexa said...

Oh my gosh...looks just lovely. Excited for you!

Alexis said...

oh, i can't wait to see your pictures! i hope this time next you, you revel in it all :)