To Give It up

I did it again. I let my mind wander into dangerous territories
and I became the worst part of myself. Why do I allow myself to
go there? So much of my day is a blessing. Oftentimes I forget
to thank God for these beautiful blessings and it makes
me want to slap myself silly. I live a beautiful life and I
should be grateful for every sunny day, fresh cup of coffee,
laugh, and good test grade.

Lent is tomorrow and this year I am going to try and make
a more conscious effort to focus on the things I am
grateful for and blessed to have. Spend more time for
reflection, give up all unnecessary shopping (I know,
crazy.) and all soda. It's going to be tough but so is life.
And for the most part, we survive despite life's
rough twist's and turn's.

Do you participate in Lent? If so, what are you giving up?

1 comment:

Katherine Krieg said...

i dont do lent but i do love the idea of taking the time to work on giving up something you take for granted or dont necessarily need. perhaps i will try something this year. good luck with your efforts!