What I would be buying if I had money...

I am a broke college girl. No surprises there.
This means that unless my parents decide to give me some
soldi (money in Italian) then I can not go shopping...
which hurts my little shopaholic heart.

The following are the things I would be buying if it
weren't for my lack of funds:
Love the cropped tie shirts.
Peter Pan collar. Done.
Just stop Forever 21.
(Where all the above shirts are from)
Anthropologie is on the right track.
Jean shirt. Floral pants. Oh please, oh please!

What are you wishing was in your closet right now?


Kylee Noelle {the blog} said...

I'm really wanting a pair of trousery wider leg jeans! That's my next frivolous purchase whenever the funds come rolling in. ha.

Allie said...

oh man I'm with you! I have so many frivolous purchases lined up!