Oscar Predictions

I love The Academy Awards.
I am a huge movie buff and live for the moment when the
movies I took the time to watch and loved are now being
recognized. I love picking them apart, analyzing them and then
watching them again.
Here are my predictions for the Academy Awards 2012:

Best Picture
The Artist

Best Actor
George Clooney- The Descendants

Best Actress
Viola Davis- The Help

Best Supporting Actor
Christopher Plummer- The Beginners

Best Supporting Actress
Berenice Bejo- The Artist

I put a lot of thought into each of these and really have my
fingers crossed that I'm right. Personally, I think that the little
boy in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close should be up for
Best Supporting Actor instead of the Max Von Sydow (the grandfather)
but c'est la vie!

What are your predictions?

I couldn't list all of my predictions so I wouldn't
bore you. So, you're welcome. :)


Katherine Krieg said...

this is such a good idea - and you made EXCELLENT picks! would love to hear your other predictions!

Allie said...

Thanks! Maybe once we know the winners I'll show all the ones I got right! :)

Allie said...
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kristen. said...

I have yet to see the artist. it's on my list though! and I definitely agree about the little boy from extremely loud incredibly close. Oh i hope Viola Davis wins!


Nicole Marie said...

agreed with george clooney...he did a great job in that movie