What I'm Dreaming About...

My House Next Year.

I'm living with my friend Monica next year in an adorable
little house. We are constantly thinking of how we are going
to decorate and place our mark on the house.
I. Am. Excited.

Here are some inspiration pieces I've pulled from Pinterest.
Love love LOVE this.
We want to place prints throughout the house.
That couch. Just stop it. And the frame wall? Yes.
We have an obsession with maps right now.
If the house is decorated entirely in maps, I wouldn't
be surprised.
Those are branches and this is stunning.

Doing this. Done.
I wish my room there would look like this. The coral
with the white and and navy is just stunning. And wait, is that a
map rug? If so, this is my dream room.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

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