Name Change and Other Happenings...

Good Morning!
This weekend I am off to Phoenix! (Or more accurately, today
I am leaving for Phoenix.) I'm giving myself a 3 day weekend. :)
My parents are coming to visit at the most perfect time. A
breakdown is bound to occur at any moment with all the work
I've got on my plate and therefore, I am SO happy they are here.

In other world news, my name is now Ellie. Didn't know that?
Neither did I.

Starbucks got my name wrong... again. Big surprise. haha.
At least it wasn't Holly like the other day. I can't even
explain where that one came from. Maybe they were feeling
Either way, have a wonderful weekend!


Alexis said...

how can starbucks mess up allie? it's not that hard :) the funny thing is, i've never dealt with starbucks messing up my name-although i've had a lot of substitute teachers do so!

Talia said...

Starbucks is the worst about names!

I get Callie, Kelly, or Natalia (at least that one is close...) ALL of the time.

So I feel your pain.

Although, I'm having a hard time understanding how one can mess up Allie???? haha oh well, keeps things interesting I guess!