my favorite sounds
OLAM - Coffee pour
source: here

coffee being poured into a mug

rain on the rooftop

faint sound of a lawnmower in the morning

trickle of a little waterfall

birds in the morning

pure laughter

a little child's giggle

snipping of scissors

wind whistling through trees in Tahoe

rhythmic ocean waves

soft music

loud, concert music

a soft guitar

chopping food

what are some of yours?


katrina leigh said...

this is a lovely question to ponder. my list:

ben harper's voice.
rustling leaves.
my kitten purring.
waves on the sand.
espresso brewing.
the pages of a book turning.
uncontrolled laughter.
crumpled duvet covers.
and the silence when all the lights go out in a theatre before the show begins.

Allie said...

Oh man I love that last one. There is so much excitement and anticipation in that silence. :)

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

rain on a house is just the best... sounds dumb but it can be almost spiritual no? very comforting!

laurenjeanallece said...

two pillar candles clanking together
a cork coming out of a wine bottle
a baby just discovering how to use his little voice
a loved one's sleepy sigh
my friends' yum-yum sounds for something I've cooked
Chuck Ragan's raspy bellow
a church full of worship
crunching leaves
snow falling
my love singing in the shower

LOVE your list! This is just happiness!