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While being in college, I've realized how much I cherish solidarity. aloneness. The art of being peacefully alone. I took for granted the moments when I could hide away in my little room at home. While living in a dorm room I constantly search for that alone time. sometimes i have to retreat to the bathroom if i am in desperate need. (don't deny it, you have probably been there too.) 

this solidarity and time to think is something i am very much looking forward to this summer and next fall. i'll have my own room to think and when i'm ready to be present, i can leave the room. none of this hiding just so i can be alone. to think.

there is a healthy balance to this aloneness but if done right, it is a very powerful necessity. this time gives me a moment to analyze my life. how am i living? am i breathing enough? think big picture, allie.

it's ok to be alone.

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