Noting the Differences

I have a week and a half left of real school before finals start
and needless to say, stress is running high in Tucson. 
I thought I would take a minute to say how much has changed
from when I left Tucson in December to now because I 
only have a little bit more of my freshman year left.

When I left Tucson in December:
Despised the city
Nothing to do... ever.
Too hot
when can I transfer?
Get. Me. Home.

How I feel about Tucson now:
I can't wait to come back in August and move into my house!
love the artsy vibe of the city
plenty to do if you look for it
the weather isn't TOO bad, you can get a nice tan
I've definitely grown up being here
Best Boba teas around (Miss Saigon I'm looking at you!)
Love the Mexican influences everywhere you look
I feel like I have 2 homes.

Each home will have my heart in different ways
but I finally feel at rest here in Tucson. 
Thank. You. Lord. 

1 comment:

Sam | ashore said...

I felt the same way in December of my freshman year of College. Homesickness is such a funny thing - it recedes little by little until you discover someplace new is your home.