I Can't Wait to be Home

My weeks here in Arizona are dwindling down and I 
can't wait to go home. Sure, I am going to have more responsibilities
this summer like more school (eh) and a job but I am going to try and 
 still keep that child-like awareness of summer. That giddy feeling one 
gets when they wake up and realize the day is theirs to seize. 

Here are some places I'm looking forward to seeing soon:
 Lake Tahoe. Stunning Lake Tahoe.

 Trips to Folsom Lake at sunset. Dinner on the boats with not 
a care in the world.
 My friends and I's favorite place to eat and hang out. In love with 
their salads and crepes (obviously). 

 Swimming in the pool on a hot, hot day.

Wandering around Midtown with my friends and drinking Coke
out of a bottle. (My friend and I joke that this picture looks like
the perfect ad for Coke.) 

These are the days. 

What are your plans this summer?


laurenjeanallece said...

Looks like you've got a wonderful season ahead of you! I was never big on summer (more of an autumn girl) but after four years living in Portland where our summers are lovely and mild (I wilt in the heat, haha) I can't wait for it this year! I'm hoping to get the chance to visit some friends too, which will make it all the sweeter!

Happy Easter Allie!

The Millers said...

Ooh, I love summer so much! There is something so exciting about it. Looks like you have a fabulous one planned. Enjoy! Loving your perfect little blog. Xo