Instagram Friday

Welcome to Instagram Friday!
I'm thinking this will be a new thing I do where I 
show some photos from my week or even last week that
have been my life lately. 
 New necklace from Megan at Across the Pond
I've literally been wearing it every day.

 My obsession with thrifted treasures continues with this jean
dress. It's so cozy. 

I've been trying to do my hair in more unique designs lately
and this was one I did yesterday. It was an inside out braid
and then a pony tail at the bottom. 

Have a lovely Friday!
I just finished a bunch of tests and will be resting and 
preparing for home/finals this weekend!!!


Bailey Jean said...

That necklace is so pretty! I'd wear it everyday, too :) And keep posting pictures of your new hairstyles! I'm trying to find new ways to do these long locks as well. Happy Friday!

Stephanie said...

Lovely photos :) Love the necklace!