The night I turned into Daisy

My friend invited me to go to our church's spring formal a few weeks ago.
I immediately went on the search for a dress once I found out and my friend showed up
with the emerald beauty you see above.
Once I had that dress I decided we HAD to turn this occasion in to a theme and that theme would be the 1920's. Luckily my friends I went with were excited to partake and voila!
Everyone else at the dance loved our outfits because they were so different and unique.

Moral of the story: Sticking out is the best and most fun way to live ones life. There is no point in blending in.


Eat Live Love said...

Love the emerald dress! Looks like you guys had so much fun!

laurenjeanallece said...

I love it! Awesome dress, you did it up right!