Photo obviously not from me unless I magically
acquired man legs like this. Actually, yes, yes I did. 

On Monday I actually worked out. I realized I had
not been to the gym it what would seem to be a century
and therefore needed to move this body that was dying for 
some exercise. That all sounds good and dandy but my problem
is that I pushed myself too hard.

Guys, I can barely walk right now. Every time
I get up from a seat I look like an 80 year old 
grandma. (By the way, if this is what getting old feels
like then I would like no part of it.) 

I kept telling myself I would stop running when this song 
ended and then All the Above by Maino would come on 
and how could I not run to that song? So basically, I blame
my ipod for this pain.

 I hope my body appreciates the exercise I gave it
because now I am suffering. Next time I go to the gym
will be in at least six months...

Kind of. 

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