Going Places {Perugia}

We went to Perugia the other day and it was beautiful. But would you expect anything else from
a little Italian town? They are also known for their chocolate. So therefore I liked them immediately. (As would anyone!)

Actually, Perugia has been around since the Roman times and was its own city-state for quite a while. So it's a pretty big deal. (Any Anchorman fans out there??)

I met up with one of my closest friends, Emily, (the same one from Rome and Florence) because she is studying there and she took us to a great pizza place for lunch. I got the Pizza Medditereana and it was superb.

Next up, Assisi!


Jane Harman said...

so pretty! i love anchorman...can't wait for the sequel

Megan said...

Oh my goodness, I so wish I was you right now. Could seriously do with a change of scenery right about now.